Hi, my name is Kevin. Fun & Convenience is a site devoted to my outdoor travels. It’s named after the two most important things to keep in mind while walking through the woods (safety third).

I grew up in the Boy Scouts (somewhat regrettably) and going to the mountains with my father (not at all regrettably). Thankfully he instilled a great love of the outdoors and especially of hiking in me, and despite several years with few nights spent in the wilderness through college, I’ve once again found my passion for backpacking.

You can also see my non-outdoors photography, which is mostly pictures of cars and houses, here. You can also reach out to me via email, and I have an Instagram.

This site runs on WordPress with a modified version of LESS by Jared Erickson. Big shoutout to all the geeks who make this stuff work and who post on stackoverflow so I can figure shit out.